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Shirley Pennebaker and students Brainjog

camp academia

We are an educational firm that targets learning disorders with the latest technology, including our patented Brainjogging computer software.

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We offer consultation, evaluation, implementation and instruction, including Summer Booster Session camps, monthly tune-up sessions and one-on-one work.

Our Philosophy

We believe every student can achieve academic success, experience heightened self-esteem and gain a greater appreciation for the wealth of knowledge at his or her fingertips.

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What they are saying

"Brainjogging is more effective than tutoring!"
  - Parent of 7th Grader

"The number of hours spent assisting our child with his homework continues to drastically decrease, yet our child's grades keep improving."   - Parent of 8th Grader

"Children love attending and parents love the difference it makes in their children's lives!"
  - 5th Grade Teacher

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