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Swim for Your Brain!

Thursday, August 1st, 2013 by admin

As we enjoy the last few weeks of summer, get swimming to help your brain! A study out of Indiana University discovered that swimming improves brain functioning. 80 year old brains act 30 years younger! When we swim, we engage every muscle from our fingertips to our toes! Our muscles work in sync when we swim – it requires “complete corporeal coordination!” This coordination sharpens motor function, which speeds up how quickly our brains talk to our bodies. Have you ever witnessed your children acting on an impulse only to have them hurt themselves because their brain didn’t get the message to their bodies quickly enough? Swimming improves this communication! Guess what else does? BRAINJOGGING!

Brainjogging stimulates both sides of the brain to improve processing, so when your body needs immediate action, your brain is ready for the challenge!

Enjoy the rest of summer! Play, read, and swim so your brain can be fully ready for the upcoming school year! A new school year begins within weeks! NOW is the absolute BEST time to start your student on Brainjogging!

Brainjoggers Burst Into Summer!

Friday, June 14th, 2013 by admin

Brainjog daily and prepare your mind for the academic year ahead!

Brainjoggers, you are the key to your own success!

Brainjogging twice daily will keep you on your cognitive toes. The 2013-2014 school year is your year to shine! You will be more than capable of excelling; you must believe in yourselves, just as we, at Brainjogging, believe in you! You are so very smart – and by Brainjogging two times daily over the summer, you will be very prepared to excel this school year! Your hard work, combined with Brainjogging, primes you to be on top of your academic game. Keep up the good work!

Remember to continue Brainjogging twice daily; it is imperative that you stick with your routine. Generate word lists from the books you read over the summer. If possible, look on line at the requirements for your grade next year. Then, make word lists to use for eye movements to familiarize yourself with materials before work is assigned. Generating word lists and staying on top of your academics will allow you to stay a step ahead of your peers!

Brainjogging wants you to be aware of information even before your teacher explains it to you; this way, all of the information has a “home” in your brain and will fit nicely with all of the other wonderful things you know.

We at Brainjogging are so very proud of you and all your success! You will continue to thrive this next school year – keep doing what you’re doing, and the sky’s the limit!

All the best for a great Summer,
Shirley Pennebaker and the Brainjogging Team