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3 Steps to a Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 by admin

Fireworks-New-Years-2014-Clipart-HD-Wallpaper-For-Desktop-Background-1024x683Little black dresses, dancing, and a midnight toast are what we imagine when we think of New Year’s Eve. When you have kids, New Year’s Eve is usually the exact opposite, but that does not mean that it has to be boring! What is the secret to a fun New Year’s Eve at home? PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!!!

1. Plan your activities!

Facebook and Pinterest are filled with wonderful ideas for games and crafts the whole family can do together! You can have everyone dress up in their formal wear and make a playlist of everyone’s favorite songs. You can even have a theme night! Are your children obsessed with Star Wars? Get Star Wars party supplies to┬ádecorate your dinner table and living room! You can even have Star Wars themed games! Hide Darth Vader and play “hot and cold” until someone finds him!

2. Plan your food!

What are your kids favorite foods? If you have little ones you might choose to make lots of finger foods so that everyone can eat independently and enjoy family time. If your kids love to help in the kitchen try making a meal together. Keep it simple and fun!

3. Plan the evening!

Have an idea of what you want the kids to do and how late they will stay up. Maybe you want to start a tradition of the family staying up until midnight together? Maybe you would prefer the kids to go to sleep at their regular bedtime? For most children, staying with their regular routine usually has the best results. And don’t think that because your child’s bedtime is at 8 pm, he or she will not be able to ring in the new year! There are many apps that offer New Year’s countdowns. An hour or two before bedtime, you and your children can celebrate the New Year! Then they can get ready for bed so Mommy and Daddy can celebrate the New Year again at midnight!

The most important part of any celebration is being with the ones you love! This New Year’s Eve put the phone on silent, turn off the tablet, and enjoy this precious time with your family! Happy New Year!!