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Declaration of Independence

Thursday, July 4th, 2013 by admin

As we celebrate the July 4th holiday in this country, we emphasize freedom, independence and the right to so many opportunities that other countries do not provide. We experience these freedoms due to the persistence and determination of many others before us.

Children with learning disabilities and other neurological disorders face many obstacles, as do the parents and caregivers who support them. The challenges are numerous with each new day, but the children persevere! They go to school; they face those teachers; they engage with their friends; and they participate in sports and other extracurricular activities! They are strong through their challenges.

Researchers have found that kids who exhibit certain characteristics are more likely to succeed in life. Some of these characteristics include self-awareness, proactivity, perseverance, goal setting and using support systems and emotional coping strategies. These characteristics can be taught and nurtured over the summer. Allow your child to spend time alone in nature to become aware of their surroundings, their thoughts, and the way their bodies work (walking, running, biking, climbing trees). Think ahead by making grocery lists or packing lists for outings. Learn how to do something new and keep at it until it becomes natural. Set some personal goals – or make a Summer Bucket List – to accomplish by the time school begins. Continue seeing your support personnel, like the therapist, the psychiatrist or the pediatrician to check on physical growth and other changes taking place during the summertime! All these activities support growth in the area of Independence!

The best way to motivate your child is to help him/her experience success – a great way to do that is through Brainjogging! Declare Independence from tutors, tantrums, and the torture of watching your child struggle! Give the office a call or drop us an email! Make it a better summer for everyone!