A mother’s perspective: September 2010 (sixth installment)

Brainjogging's added bonus: making new friends. Nicola and fellow Brainjogger, Cooper, have become great buddies through Brainjogging!

Brainjogging is thrilled to reveal N.’s identity: Nicola.  Nicola’s family is so excited about her progress and her current level of cognition that they want readers to be able to picture “N.” as an actual person with a name and an identity, rather than as a mere initial on a blog.

“It is difficult to find the right words to express how excited we are with Nicola’s progress.”

– Nicola’s mother

Over the last few weeks, readers have been able to read Nicola’s mother’s personal testimonials of her daughter’s progress using Brainjogging.  Nicola’s mother has gifted Brainjogging and readers, especially, with six months of personal insight into Nicola’s gradual cognitive development.

At least for a while, this will be the last installment regarding Nicola’s wonderful progress.  As further developments occur, Brainjogging will share them with readers, but there are other success stories to share!

Nicola asks for Cooper every time she comes to LaGrange, Georgia for Brainjogging sessions!

September 16, 2010

Dear Brain Jogging,

It is difficult to find the right words to express how excited we are with Nicola’s progress.  We had another wonderful week at Brian Jogging!  During this visit, I am leaving Nicola to play with her teachers without me in the room, and I think she focuses a little better.  She worked really hard on making sentences and fine motor activities.  I feel like at the end of this week, we are saying more sentences!  Her brain jogging itself has improved.  Nic is starting to point at the letters and continues to improve with saying three letters.  We still have some challenging days, but we push through them, and we are doing some wonderful things.

A wonderful memory from this week will be Nicola deciding to count beyond 10 and going for 20!  She started with 11 all by herself and got some of the other numbers on her own.   AMAZING!!  We are now going to practice counting to 20….I think we can do it.  She also requested to go to the potty.  Her memory is improving and more and more words are coming.  I am really hoping to break through on some of her fine motor skills as well. She is going to work hard on elbow to knee as well.  Her language is really coming; I can’t imagine when we have all our words and sentences flowing what we are going to learn from Nicola.  Nicola’s school is very excited for her as well!

Thank you very much for all your support…we cannot wait to show off [during] the month of October.



*As always, this parent testimonial has been reprinted without editing for content; testimonials are occasionally edited for grammar, but all changes are bracketed.

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  1. Yvette Pritchett says:

    Nicola is a beautiful and special little lady with a smile that will light up the world. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know Nic and Jamie at Brainjogging. While its always so special to see the progress our kids are making at Brainjogging, its a blessing to meet and get to know other Mom’s that have traveled a similar path to find Camp Academia and Brainjogging. Sharing stories, situations, and being able to talk out experiences in handling different obstacles Mother to Mother is priceless. And I love the moments we get to share watching our kids develop the cutest friendship ever. Coop -n- Nic.

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