A mother’s perspective: July 2010 (fourth installment)

The following is J.’s letter from July 2010 about her daughter’s continuing progress using Brainjogging!  Little N.  is doing a great job!

July 16, 2010

Dear Brainjogging –

Yeah!  We are at our fourth weekly visit to Brainjogging, and once again N. has done very well.  She is really waking up.  By the end of the week, N.’s focus during the sessions increased.  She demonstrated her throwing ability by launching chalk as Ms. Anna when she did not get her way.  She typically would only do that kind of thing at home.  It is amazing how her cognition is just popping.  She had a definite opinion on what shoes she wanted to wear … now this is my child.  She was even telling me she did not want to wear a particular shirt.  Very exciting!!  N. was able to recall a friends son’s name, as well as an aunt and uncle!  [My husband] C. and I are so proud.  In the elevator today, I was stalling and she told me to push up.  Articulation needed work, but it was there!  She has improved repeating the three letter sequences.  We have discussed possible ways to assist N. with focusing on the computer; hopefully, once she pays more attention to Brainjogging, letter recognition and memory will continue to increase.  I have worked a lot with physical and fine motor skills, and she has improved there as well.  She learned to chew Bubble Gum without swallowing.  We are moving forward in Bear Crawl.  I am just so proud of her, and my expectation is rising.  Thanks for a great week!  Oh, I love it that she knows all her teachers by name at Brainjogging!  Can’t wait to see what every day brings!!


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