A mother’s perspective: August 2010 (fifth installment)

N. continues to progress in her verbalization and enunciation – her memory is improving and her attention is increasing, too!  Below, N.’s mother, J., shares the changes she’s noted during August 2010, N.’s fifth month of Brainjogging.

August 12, 2010

Dear Brainjogging –

Hi!  Yeah … another wonderful week!  N. has once again made great progress, and we will leave with PROUD smiles.  It has been interesting to look back at the initial testing and retesting done at the 5 month mark.  It is a good reminder not to stress about some of the things I wish N. were doing or achieving at a higher level.  She is so [much] better at verbalizing everything … There are phrases coming out!  She is definitely expressing her opinion J.  She can count 1-10; it is not all the time, but we can do it!  ABCs are there, and we will get the sequence.  N. is more in tune to the world around her.  She noticed my new shoes today without me saying a word.  She loved her visit at First Baptist.  I was delighted that she did not want to leave.  She loves other children.  We are still working on balance, but N. is starting to pedal a little on the tricycle.  She can stand on one foot.  Amazing to see her name all the flashcards without repeating the “teacher” … that is on her own.

We definitely still have our moments where we don’t want to Brainjog, but we are always doing it, and N. has some wonderful pronunciations of Xs.  The three letter sequence is still improving!!  What is so exciting is the compliments from her therapists and family!  Everyone is so proud of her.  Her memory is there.  For instance I told her one day she would take tap, and she is reminding me.  It is so great to know we are tapping into everything that is inside my smart girl.  Once we are 100% verbal, I can’t imagine.  It still feels like a lot of work, but the progress makes it seem like a no-brainer to always do our work.  I am raising my expectation.  We start school tomorrow.  She is going to do so well!  Thank you for a wonderful week.

-J. and N.

P.S.  I am going to step up the potty-training.  She comprehends the act; it’s a matter of effort!

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