A mother’s perspective: June 2010 (third installment)

June brought more changes in N.’s life.  Her mother, J., shares her reflections on N.’s third month of Brainjogging!

June 18, 2010

Dear Brainjogging,

Hello.  Well, N. will complete her third week here at Camp Academia tomorrow.  Once again, I am just in awe of how much progress she has made! Our family is so proud of her!

Over the past few months, we have been faithful to Brainjogging at home.  As I have said, there have been some very challenging moments where N. has not wanted to Brainjog; however, we have not given her the option.  One could pull from those times that N. is demonstrating her strong will and own personal opinions, which is a great thing to see J.  It is great to see some of the older students because I know eventually it will become second nature and just part of her life, or our lives.

This week, N. has continued to say some amazing things.  I will forever smile at the moment of N. coming up to me in our hotel and saying, “Hi, Jamie.”  She can name all her immediate family members … now that is a new N.!!  She has continued to say some more words, and she seems so much better at pronunciation.  N. even remembered we have always gone to the park after Brainjogging on previous visits.  Monday, she asked to go to the park.  We switched to the pool, and Tuesday she requested “pool” J.

The past few months, we have made Brainjogging part of our lifestyle.  It is a big commitment, and I was terrified of how to fit it in.  I am proud to say Brainojogging fits in nicely … the laptop travels, and we have just made it a priority.  Even when N. refused and closed her eyes J, it is “N.’s job.”  N. has a lot of homework all around.  I do feel like we’ve got a great home-program that complements goals of Brainjogging.  Play is very intentional, and we try to use our time wisely.

I arrived wondering what the week would hold because the first week was so intense.  I mean we went from not saying ABC letters to saying them.  Cognition is popping.  Following instructions, memory improvement.  I loved that Shirley said Brainjogging will lead to improvement in motor coordination and fine motor.  When one steps back and realizes how much is going on and what N. is doing now … well it is awesome!  I was watching N. and I realized I was wondering why she wasn’t recognizing all the letters yet when I almost missed all of the great things that she is improving on.  I mean we all saw her catch and throw today, and she knew when to roll.  She recognizes most pictures in the flash cards, which she loves those cards.

There is a remarkable difference in saying two or three syllables.  Today was a great day.  She was actually recalling more three letters in her letter flash … She was consistently following two-step instructions.  Remember the ball throwing!!  There were smiles across the room.  Her ball throwing and catching has improved.  We are getting better and better at saying ABCs on our own, as well as counting 1-10, wow!  Colors … we are getting them!  Letter recognition will come, I know it!  As I’ve said before, I am kind of a “chop chop” person J so N. teaches me everyday to be in the moment and enjoy the ride.  I can still get overwhelmed with many things, I [want] her to accomplish on my time frame.  But if you look at how much she has learned and is doing since April, it is just fantastic!!  We have come so far.

The people around her are excited to see her progress.  We have received compliments on “how much better N. is doing.”  Without a doubt, N. is a bright little lady.  Brainjogging is helping us pull all the parts to get it out.  Even tonight I was reading 8 Monkeys Jumping on the Bed with N..  I stopped to see if she could complete the sentence, and N. said “bumped his head” and “doctor.”  All I can say, bright smile from me J.

N. is doing so well, and I feel like we are just starting … stay tuned, so much more to come!  Thanks so much!!  Brainjogging everyday!!


J. and N.

P.S.  … I forgot to add how excited I am already for N. to strut her stuff once she starts school.  Her therapists are already so excited about her progress.  N. has shown so much improvement this week.  She just took a bow, and I did not know she can do that.  She also did an incredible drawing.  Each color was in a circle, and she named all the colors.  Thanks again!!

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