Georgia Tech comes one step closer to early screening for autism

Early intervention is key in treating children with autism.

Georgia Tech recently received 10 million dollars to study and analyze children’s behavior, and to develop a prototype for screening for autism.  The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Ty Tagami recently reported that Georgia Tech plans “to create an inexpensive, computerized early warning system for young children who have autism” (Tagami 1).  Many children “are not screened by an autism expert until age 4, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all infants be screened at 18 months of age” (Tagami 1).  Early screening ensures early intervention, and treatment to staunch autism’s effect on a child and his or her interactions are most effective with early intervention.  Currently, screening requires the attention of an expert, but Tech hopes to create a system “that would substitute technology for experience.  It would involve a smart video camera that assesses the facial reactions and eye movements of a child who is responding to instructions from an adult.  And it would include a watch-like device that monitors the child’s heart rate and skin electrical conductivity – involuntary physical responses that can help establish emotional states … that put the voluntary facial movements into context” (Tagami 1). Tech does not propose to replace entirely or dispose of experts and the value of their input; Tech hopes only to disseminate more widely the tools for diagnosing autism at an early age so that children might be treated as early as possible.  Please read Tagami’s article in its entirety here for the full story on Georgia Tech’s research on autism and how it might be most easily diagnosed.

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