Yo, Sacramento!

Mark Alvarez, Will Cleveland and illustrator Tate Nation collaborated to produce Yo, Sacramento!

Yo, Sacramento! is a clever book, written by Will Cleveland and Mark Alvarez and illustrated by Tate Nation, allows one to teach all 50 states and capitals in a matter of minutes.  Reading the book thoroughly, even just one time, ensures that the reader will close the book knowing more states and their corresponding capitals than he or she knew before cracking Yo, Sacramento!’s cover.  Sure, it’s educationally stimulating and yes, it’s cartoon-like illustrations and clever audionyms appeal to children with learning disabilities, but the sheer creativity behind Yo, Sacramento! most endears me to it.  Audionyms are helpful mnemonic devices by which one converts a fact or other piece of information into a series of familiar, even silly, words or phrases; mnemonics is the process or technique of improving and/or developing one’s memory.

Yo, Sacramento! is a published, copyrighted books; for this reason, Brainjogging is unable to publish material from Yo, Sacramento!, but Brainjogging encourages the use of Yo, Sacramento! at home and in the classroom!   Will Cleveland and Mark Alvarez published a follow up book, Yo, Millard Fillmore!

Alvarez, Cleveland and Nation reconnected to create this book about the Presidents, based on the popular audionym concept they first used in Yo, Sacramento!

so children might learn the Presidents of the United States in order, and as quickly, as they did the states and capitals with Yo, Sacramento!. Brainjogging actually uses a rhyme, created by Brainjogging founder Shirley Pennebaker, M.Ed., and a corresponding series of physical movements and gestures to teach the Presidents’ names and order, but Yo, Millard Fillmore! is an excellent additional resource.  You can watch a slide show of Yo, Millard Fillmore! here (there is no such slide show online for Yo, Sacramento!).

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