Music Training for the Brain!

Many of us, as adults, regret that we ever quit playing or studying an instrument.  There are many brain benefits that come from musical training! Think about all the things that are going on when a child is playing: his eyes follow the music as well as the conductor’s movement (or teacher’s direction); being aware the entire time of both the music coming from his own instrument as well as the sounds from fellow students surrounding him (or the accompaniment). The complexity involved in practicing and performing music may truly help a child’s cognitive development.

New research presented at the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego suggests that music training increases the neural connections in regions of the brain associated with creativity, decision-making, and complex memory. It may also improve a child’s ability to process conflicting information from many senses at once. The earlier a child starts playing, the better.

“It’s really hard to come up with an experience similar to that as an education intervention,” said Gottfried Schlaug, the director of the Music and Neuroimaging Laboratory at Harvard Medical School. “Not only does it require attention and coordination of multiple senses, but it often triggers emotions, involves cooperation with other people, and provides immediate feedback to the student on how well he or she is progressing,” he said. “Music, on its own, has also been shown to trigger the reward area of the brain,” he noted.

Take a look for opportunities to get your child involved in a musical opportunity – from seeing live performances to learning a new instrument! Many communities have both private and group lesson options, especially through community education programs and local universities or college campuses. It’s worth it for your child’s developing brain.

Brainjogging 5-7 minutes, twice daily, also improves your child’s brain! If you want more information about Brainjogging or individual hands-on sessions, contact Camp Academia today! We always look forward to helping your child succeed!

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