The Smell of Success

Leaving summer behind moves families into the joy of comfort foods and holiday baking! We experience new scents, like pumpkin, cinnamon and other wonderful spices that warm us for the colder temperatures.  The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago reminds us that the scent of lemons provides a truly effective boost for our brains! The aroma of lemons stimulates the cerebral cortex, which is the decision-making and problem-solving region of the brain. The extra boost helps us feel more focused very quickly – in as little as 2 minutes, according to recent studies.

Think about adding lemon zest to pancakes or muffins; slicing a lemon to accompany hot tea or a glass of water; or even using lotion with lemon essential oils to provide that extra energy for your sleepy child in the mornings.

Another way to boost the effectiveness of the cerebral cortex is to Brainjog 5-7 minutes, twice a day! Camp Academia and the engaging instructors keep their students’ brains stimulated and growing! Stop by today if you are interested in learning more!

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