Early Action Helps Students Experience Success!


A New School Year! There are many things you can implement now, as a parent, to help your children experience success throughout the school year. Think about making life at home a bit more predictable and reliable:



  1. Develop a homework bin with all supplies necessary for task completion (paper, pencils, markers and all the extra school supplies they may require)
  2. Determine a time for homework completion. Your child needs time to decompress after school, but after a snack and some wiggle time, s/he may be ready to get to work.
  3. Offer an option for background noise (simplynoise.com) or other stimulation, like a fidget, to help maintain focus while they are working.
  4. Play the student (and let your student be the teacher) while you practice flashcards, spelling words, etc. Make some mistakes so your “teacher” can correct you!
  5. BRAINJOG! Brainjoggers know that they hold the secret to preparing their brains for learning! Brainjog before school, before homework time, and once again before bed to jumpstart the next day, prepare the brain for producing answers, and clearing the chaos so the brain can absorb the information during sleep hours!

Think about thinking! It’s that time of year and we are here to make the transition a smooth one!

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