Video Games: Designed for Addiction!

If you are a Brainjogger, you know NOT to play video games. Gaming undoes the positive effects of Brainjogging. But unlike other unhealthy bad habits, video games are specifically DESIGNED to be addictive, reports National Public Radio. “An unexpected reward has much more power than one that is regular in driving behavior,” head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse Nora Volkow told NPR.
When individuals play video games, dopamine is released; this is the unexpected reward. Although there is no definitive research yet on what technologies inspire true addiction, there is evidence that people who play video games often do so for the neurochemical payoff — the good-feeling chemical dopamine. Volkow likens the behavior of avid gamers to that of Skinner’s rats. Remember? They pushed a lever and received food – randomly, but, nonetheless, they kept hitting the lever hoping for the reward.
Watch your child for things like affect, behavior problems, sleep issues, or other uncommon occurrences in your children when they have too much screen time. When staring at a computer screen, the eyes actually turn INWARD in order to look at a single object. Children can develop accommodative dysfunction; they may experience symptoms like eyestrain, temporarily blurred vision and/or headaches.
It’s simply NOT WORTH IT! Monitor your children. Determine time limits for technology. Remember that as their parents, you have a responsibility to keep your children safe from harm. Simply put, video games can be harmful!

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