Poorly Performing Body Parts

What do you do when your child breaks his/her leg? Surely you don’t think, “I’ll just buy him/her a new pair of tennis shoes!” Of course not! The doctor MUST set the leg with proper alignment and perhaps prescribe a little physical therapy. Then, in no time, your child will walk and run happily again!

The same is true of the growing brain! What happens when those parts aren’t processing efficiently? You study alongside him/her and realize, the grades on the report card are not a reflection of the days the two of you studied leading up to the test! Did you know you may have more control than you may have realized! The best ways to keep our brains healthy are:

Physical exercise: Researchers have found the areas of the brain associated with learning and memory are stimulated by exercising! Let’s run!
Lifelong Learning: Build excitement and challenge into learning! “How fast can you highlight all the words on this Word Search page?” Learning over time enhances memory and the survival of new brain cells.
Social Interaction: Strong social ties have been associated with lower blood pressure and longer life expectancies. “Let’s invite a new friend over Friday!”
Sleep and Nap: Eight to 10 hours of sleep a night works magic on school performance! When children get their full 8 to 10 hours of sleep, they will experience 5 REM. That is when information transfers from short term to long term memory located in the hippocampus. New learning is consolidated in long term memory only during those five rapid eye movements!
Manage Your Stress: Scientists believe people exposed to chronic stress tend to have elevated levels of cortisol. High cortisol levels are dangerous to the brain.
Laugh: Norman Cousins cured his cancer with laughter! It also improves memory. Create teachable moments with a joyful spirit!
Eat well: Dr. Andrew Weil stated, “Every obese person I know skips breakfast!” Wake your child earlier to have time for breakfast. Throw in a few blueberries and improve short-term intellectual performance, learning and memory!

Build a better brain by Brainjogging each day! Simple mental exercise for a healthy, happy brain! So many of the wonderful recommendations take place each and every time your child works with a Brainjogging instructor – they experience learning, laughter, singing, movement, stress reduction, mental stimulation and – of course – new learning each and every session!

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