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“Music To Your Ears!”

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 by admin

Did you know that the same brain system that controls our muscles also helps us to remember music? Most of us would have assumed that it was the area of our brain responsible for hearing.

For years, parents have reported that their children know the words to every song! Absolutely! That’s why at Brainjogging, we use songs to teach the parts of speech, history and world geography! Students learn in record time and love learning as they are moving and singing to the beat!

Dr. Josef Rauschecker, from Georgetown University Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition, discovered from brain scans of volunteers listening to a series of musical notes that motor areas became active when people were hearing something new. These same areas (motor) were relatively quiet when they heard familiar musical notes. The area of the brain responsible for hearing was more active when participants heard familiar notes.

Why do we care about this finding? Because if you have ever seen a Brainjogging instructor work with a student, the FIRST thing you notice is motor movement! Practicing new information, singing songs and reciting poetry is a part of each and every session. It helps children learn! And, if they forget a section of the recitation, it usually takes one hand gesture or facial expression from the teacher to get them back on track.

Rauschecker also discovered that motor memory can rescue auditory memory when pieces of information are lost. Starting over and working through the sequence brings the information back.

Remember, when children are learning new things the motor cortex of the brain is actively involved. Work with your child by bouncing a ball, clapping hands, moving the body, and they will be more likely to recall that information! Keep Brainjogging and it will come to them like MUSIC to their ears!