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A mother’s perspective: May 2010 (second installment)

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 by admin

The following is the second letter mother J. wrote Brainjogging about her daughter N. and N.’s progress, from May 2010.  Over the coming days, you’ll be able to read J.’s letters from June, July and August and watch N.’s progress from her mother’s perspective (April’s letter can be found here).  *Please note that each letter reads exactly as it was written by J., the exception being the presence of initials instead of names, which Brainjogging did with the intention of protecting this family’s identity.

May marked N.’s second month of Brainjogging.  Her mother, J., continues to be thrilled with N.’s progress!

May 20, 2010

Dear Brainjogging –

Well, N. and I are back after one month of Brainjogging!  Obviously, we are back because Brainjogging has brought so many wonderful leaps for N..  It was a little emotional to walk in the first day and see N. start rocking and singing her ABCs!  Now that is a different child compared to the first day we walked into Brainjogging!  It is very emotional to realize her progress.  She first of all is singing ABCs; she can say the anticipated next letter; and I feel we are really close to having it on our own.  She can tell you her name … and that she is four.  N. has received praises from her dance teacher, who announced how great N. is doing.  N. resumed Hippotherapy after an 8 month break:  her teacher was amazed; she is a different rider, and so much more verbal!  It has been the little sentences randomly popping out that has stopped us in our tracks.  For instance, N. telling her daddy, “I want a hamburger.”  The PB & J went in the lunchbox, and N. got the hamburger.  Although, we are working on consistency, naming colors is improving.  I feel like attending and following directions has improved.  N.’s grandparents have noticed improvement in speech as well!  That is a compliment because they do not see her every day.  My mother announced, “Wow, N. is going to be just fine.”  N. has gotten good reports at school regarding participation and being vocal!

As I said before, Brainjogging at home is a big commitment with three small children, but we are getting it in, and it is just part of our day.  I think a huge change is N.’s progress with the actual Brainjogging program.  She is doing well with the letters.  I do have to monitor her eye movements closely because she will just anticipate the next letter.  Can you believe she easily recites 2 letters from letter flash?  My heart pounds to think of three, but I know we can do it!  As a mom, I’ll always worry, and I have those days where you just want everything to be “normal” with a snap, but when I realize how much N. has done and how far she has come, especially in the last month … okay, I’m tearing up now … I know she will be fine and continue to thrive.  She gives our family a great gift of being in the moment and resilience … perseverance.  N. has her moments where she isn’t into Brainjogging, but overall, she has done well with the program.  In fact, this week every am and pm, she is asking me to get the computer out.

Since we’ve been here this week – N. has memorized key words to “Suzy Q” only after hearing it once!!  What do you say to that.  She is matching numbers to cards!!  She learned the rhyming cards within an hour.  She cut her own piece of paper for the first time.  Unbelievable, N. just recited 3 letters (a few times!) on letter flash … Wow, so exciting!!  She has been attending well.  Potty training is still a goal.  N. has done well with staying dry during the day, much better!  We are emphasizing clapping and patting, N. has made progress, and we will continue working on it, as well as catching the ball.  Any fine motor activities we can incorporate, we will.

It has been a great week with more improvement!  It will be exciting to see what comes.  I have this picture that stays in my head.  N., A. [her sister], and I ran a race with W. [her brother] in the stroller.  N. ran the ½ mile perfect.  Because she had a little cough, I put her in the stroller.  As the finish line approached down a lengthy path, I asked N. if she wanted to run.  She was already coming out of the stroller.   She refused to hold my hand; she shouted, “ME!”  I was amazed she knew what the flags meant, and she ran with ALL her might.  Behind, A. and I crossed that finish line beaming!  Brainjogging is helping cross many finish lines beaming with the brightest “N. smile!”

Thank you!  J.

*As always, this parent testimonial has been reprinted without editing for content; testimonials are occasionally edited for grammar, but all changes are bracketed.

Brainjogging supports RFB&D – and so do Brainjoggers’ parents!

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 by admin

Brainjogging encourages students to listen to audiobooks while simultaneously following along with the book’s corresponding physical text. Brainjogging frequently recommends Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D) to Brainjoggers and parents.  RFB&D is a national non

Students use RFB&D's DAISY players to read and listen to text simultaneously.

profit with more than 61,000 accessible audiobook titles ranging from popular literature to textbooks.  Please take a moment to explore RFB&D’s website; RFB&D is an invaluable resource for individuals with learning disabilities.

Several Brainjoggers have enjoyed enormous success using RFB&D’s audiobooks.  Hearing and seeing information simultaneously exponentially increases comprehension.  Brainjoggers listen to RFB&D’s audiobooks on their own time, but Brainjogging helps Brainjoggers generate word lists for the Brainjogging that include relevant information gleaned from their reading experience: main characters, themes, plot elements, etc.  Brainjoggers see improved AR test scores after combining their Brainjogging program with RFB&D’s audiobook resources!

The following is an actual letter written by Gail P. Dalton, MD, in appreciation of RFB&D’s assistance with her daughter Virginia, a high school freshman and longtime Brainjogger: