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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 by admin

Founder Shirley Pennebaker and Katie Cyphers welcome you to Brainjogging!

Welcome!  We are delighted that you found us.  It is our greatest desire to see all children learn at their maximum potential.

After 30 years, I have realized the hidden potential of an individual must not remain hidden.  The decade of the 1990’s being declared “the decade of the brain” by President George Bush opened the gates for researcher’s funding.  The scientific results have provided the keys to unlocking each individual’s learning potential.

As I have studied the neurological research, and have seen the methodology by which the researcher enriched the neuron’s communication or production, I replicated the portion considered to be the stimulus responsible for producing the desired response in a computer software program I call Brain Jogging.  Quite honestly, the students increased learning has been beyond my greatest expectations.  My conclusion is the Brain Jogging program is actually increasing the cognitive capacity of many students and is acting as a neurotransmitter connection enhancer for others.

Parents and teachers report different kinds of changes in the children.  For parents, it is typically related to mood enhancement.  We hear comments like, ”My son is no longer frustrated during homework sessions.  He is enjoying reading, rather than being forced to read.  He is a happier child.”  From teachers we hear, ”Johnny is completing his work without being distracted.  He is “thinking” rather than reciting what he heard.  He is following directions more accurately and independently.  His hand writing is more legible.”

Brain Jogging is not magic, a quick fix, or a cure-all.  It is a tool for enhancing learning if it is used everyday, twice daily, for 5 to 7 minutes.  We believe the changes begin to become apparent in three-to-six weeks if the student is faithful and diligent in his program sessions and has discontinued all video game activity.

We have not concluded how long students must use the program to achieve a lasting benefit.  Some dyslexic students are able to discontinue the program in a couple of years.  Students with language processing disorder have not been able to discontinue Brain Jogging without falling behind again in spelling and sometimes punctuation skills.  Because we have only recently begun consulting students with Autism Spectrum Disorders there is no historical data on autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.  While these students have perhaps had the most remarkable changes of all, only one parent permitted her daughter to discontinue the program after the enhanced behavior changes.

Therefore, we do not know how long your child will require daily Brain Jogging, nor the exact affect it will demonstrate.  What we do know is this: Brain Jogging is the answer to our prayers for an affordable solution for increasing a student’s success in school and social conduct if used twice daily according to the directions.

Shirley M. Pennebaker