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Walking in the shoes of dyslexia - Susie

Susie attended preschool since she was two. She was the little girl with the personality every mother would dream to have. Teachers had no complaints. She was chosen for major parts in the plays at Christmas. She memorized every Bible verse in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. She got along well with everyone and was invited to go home after school with others to play. Susie was a dream.

However, in the five year old kindergarten, Susie could not seem to master the alphabet on paper. She could look at the large letters around the classroom and recite the song as the teacher pointed. She could tell you the sounds every letter made that you asked her. But when those letters were on the written page or she was expected to read the words in her new reading book, her memory for those letters and the sound associations were abyss.

No matter how much her mother tried, Susie simply was not learning the alphabet! They sang it, recited it, wrote it, and hung the letters on the wall and refrigerator with magnets. Nothing seemed to help. She could learn the letter of the week, but the following week, it was gone! When she started kindergarten, sure enough, her new teacher recognized her problem immediately. Mrs. McRae knew she must teach Susie her alphabet, alongside a new student from India who would learn English as a second language that year. Fortunately for Susie, her family introduced her to the Brainjogging techniques before Christmas in her kindergarten year.

Susie graduated with a 3.7 in her undergraduate program and maintains a 4.0 in her Master’s program at a major University. She will be a wonderful teacher of children with learning disabilities.